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Roman peloponnese 1. Roman personal names in their socia

158. Q(UINTUS) MANLIUS Q(UINTI) F(ILIUS) QUIR(INA) CRESCENS ILGR 72; *Rizakis, Achaïe II, no. 112 [lst/2nd c. A.D.]. Patrai; a limestone plaque bearing the funerary inscription of the person: Q(uinto) Manlio I Q(uinti) f(ilio) Quir(ina) I Crescenti. s. Q(uintus) (Manlius) (ACH 157) 159. MAPKIA A. Rizakis, BCH 108, 1984,

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Jan 1, 2005 'Megarika', BCH 108 (1984) 249–266. Musti 1982. See Editions and .. From the beginning, my narrative has selected from the mass those that fit in a narrative account.14. Here both Ego and the Bearing the above in mind, one may further wonder whether the narrator has some specific purpose for

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architecture, defines Cyclopean in a footnote of his introductory chapter, although he in fact devotes an entire Even so, a definition of Cyclopean masonry is found in A Dictionary of Ancient Near Eastern. Architecture: V Keos: Ayia Irini, the builders seem to have been concerned with the load-bearing ability of towers~

studies in Ancient Art And civilizAtion

reshaped into the form of a linear square (Pl. 2: 3). Less numerous than the coins with the labyrinth on the reverse, are pieces with the Minotaur on the obverse and a woman's head enclosed in a square border formed by a meander pattern. The same could be said about the staters bearing a female head (perhaps inspired


In a reversal of the administrative system of Diocletian and Constantine, and in a development similar to that of the exarchates, civil and military command Bearing these instances in mind, with the generally unstable 156 P. Bruneau and P. Fraisse, “Pressoirs déliens,” BCH 108 (1984): 717; J.-P. Brun, “L'oléiculture.

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Oct 22, 2012 Hill, D. K., "The Technique of Greek Metal Vases and its Bearing on Vase Forms in Metal and Pottery", AJA 51 (1947) 249-256. Lubsen-Admiraal, S.M., and Hoffmann, H., "The Sotades Painter's Rhyton from Paphos: Reading Athenian Vase Imagery in a Cypriot Context", Hephaistos 13 (1995) 73-91.

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in Cyprus it is better to speak of changes which occur in a different span of time according to the various areas of the island, forming a sort of puzzle; these changes in many cases develop slowly and not always with a real gap. Some preliminary remarks about the special role of Cyprus in these periods seem necessary.

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a kouros in a casting pit in the Athenian Agora6 dated about or after the middle of the sixth century B.C. This seems to be The thickest kind of gold leaf is called Palestrina leaf still bearing the name taken from the most genuinely gilded Privathauser," BCH 108 (1984), p. 328. The. Artemis statuette - whether bronze or.

Sulla, the Elites and the Empire: A Study of Roman Policies in Ital

Sulla's arrival to Italy, in Spring 83 BC, marked the beginning of a Civil War—the first in a series of civil wars that led to the fall of the Roman Republic. however, prompted by an inscription found near the site of ancient Minturnae, in southern Latium, bearing a dedication to Sulla put up by a group of freedmen: L. Cornelio


Zeus Hellanios 132 in A e gina enjoyed an important worship with first reference in Pindar (Paian SANTERRE, L 'Oikos des Naxiens à Délos était-il un tempie?, BCH 108 (1984), p. 671-693, auquel a répondu by both the abundance of ancient coins of Ambracia bearing the heroe's head and ancient tradition, as well

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